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My Erdös, Bacon, Sabbath number

As a sort of disclamimer, I'm not a mathematician, neither an actor nor a musician, but I wanted to get something close to my Erdös, Bacon, Sabbath number by taking some liberties. I just had to have co-authored a paper with someone with an Erdös number, have colaborated with someone with a Bacon number, and have performed in a show with someone with a Sabbath number. So, with these premises here is what I got:
I have co-authored papers with Edgar Chávez, who has coauthored with Jorge Urrutia, who has coauthored with Shmuel Zaks… who has coauthored with Paul Erdős. Therefore, I have Erdös 4.
I have collaborated with Duke Crawford, who did artwork in a movie with Ellen Barkin, who appeared in the movie Diner with Kevin Bacon. Thus my Bacon number is 3.
I once interviewed Alex Custodio on a rock show I had (check out the archives at Rockofonia). Alex’s band opened once for Hollywood All Stars, where Vinnie Appice was the drummer. And of course, Vinnie Appice played drums for Black Sabbath. So, from this point of view, I have a very close Sabbath 3.