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Resurrecting the bullet point - some may say Powerpoint presentations are evil, but they can be effective if used properly.
How to read a paper - great advice by S. Keshav.

My Erdös, Bacon, Sabbath number

As a sort of disclamimer, I'm not a mathematician, neither an actor nor a musician, but I wanted to get something close to my Erdös, Bacon, Sabbath number by taking some liberties. I just had to have co-authored a paper with someone with an Erdös number, have appeared on-screen with someone with a Bacon number, and have performed in a show with someone with a Sabbath number. So, with these premises here is what I got:
I have co-authored papers with Edgar Chávez, who has coauthored with Jorge Urrutia, who has coauthored with Shmuel Zaks… who has coauthored with Paul Erdős. Therefore, I have Erdös 4.
I’m still working on my degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon...
I once interviewed Alex Custodio on a rock radio program I had (whose life continues now as a podcast where I collaborate). Alex’s band opened once for Hollywood All Stars, where Vinnie Appice was the drummer. And of course, Vinnie Appice played drums for Black Sabbath. So, from this point of view, I have a very close Sabbath 3.